Enjoy data driven audience sales

We offer an unique set of audience data that can help you to more efficiently monetize your advertisement inventory across sales channels, devices and platforms.

Audience Targeting

Audiences organically move through the funnel; building awareness, interest and buyer intent.

Full Reach

Complete consumer classification segmenting every household.

Increase ad prices

Convert RON inventory to differentiated segments and sell audiences at higher prices.

In all sales channels

Use data to sell audiences directly from the ad server or programmatically via SSP.

Multiple Platforms

Data works on all devices and platforms; including mobile, IOS and apps.

100 % privacy protection

Unique audience model with no tracking of personal information.

Premium Sales Growth Benefits

Grow revenue with our audience data to increase ad prices in most markets and develop higher volume in premium sales channels.


Unlock hidden audience revenue

Unlock significant audience value in traded deals, direct sales, new programmatic platforms, sales channels and market places.

Audience Insights

Analyze inventory
Classify all inventory to identify audience profiles and segments

Unlock audience value
Define a value based ad strategy to sell more premium audiences

Traded Deals

Direct Sales
Utilize data in the ad server to sell more premium audiences

Automated Guaranteed
Automate traded deals to sell more and optimize waterfall management

Programmatic Sale

Private Market places
Package and up-sell popular audiences via differentiated PMPs

Open exchanges
Package and brand your remnant audiences to sell at higher prices

Grow sales in all channels

Evaluate sales volume and prices in different audience segments, ads are either sold directly or programmatically.


Analyze your channels

An audience analysis of your inventory in all channels will identify demand and prices in key segments to deepen sales insight on your ad server or programmatic platform.


Boost Direct Sales revenue

Choose and integrate audience data for your market focus with the ad server, then differentiate your inventory to sell more premium audiences at higher prices.


Automate Guaranteed Sales

Automate traded deals by using data to sell more premium audiences. Optimize waterfall management with dynamic allocation to maximize media monetization.


Grow premium market places

Use data to package popular audiences in the DMP and up-sell in private market places to different agencies and advertisers. Test to determine which audiences yield the best prices.


Optimize remnant sales

Differentiate your long tail by packaging remnant audiences, brand the most popular and valuable to sell at premium pricing on open exchanges.

Ignite your premium
audience growth engine

Premium Waterfall management

Convert commodity priced remnant inventory to premium audiences in different sales channels.


Strong publisher benefits

There are many benefits of deploying our data throughout different market places for waterfall management

Selling Audiences

Move from low priced impressions to audience sales at higher prices.

Revitalize Direct Sales

Update your ad server capabilities to promote premium sales; directly and automated.

Increased Revenue

Increase revenue in all sales channels and market places.

Inventory Insight

Learn what is really driving prices, volumes and sales revenue.

Programmatic Upshift

Move from commitized RTB sales to more premium market places.

Profit growth

Benefit from holistic optimization and a data driven price strategy.

Maximize your media monetization

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