Valuable consumer data available in most platforms

Nordic Data Resources is a leading data provider with valuable audiences available on most major platforms. We specialize in geo-targeting and consumer classification data to reach the entire population in a safe, effective, and reliable way. We aim to be fully available and easily accessible through sell side to demand side platforms.

Multiple platforms

The data is available on the largest platform – either directly or via data exchanges

Real audiences

Well defined, valuable audiences made of ground data from many well known quality sources

Full Reach

A data set which provides full online reach across devices, channels and market places

Safe, reliable data

We provide safe and reliable data on the entire population – without privacy issues

3 platforms in need of great data


Buy Side Partner program

Distribution is key to our growth. This is our top priority and we are continuously expanding our partner network. We aim to be available at all major global distributors as well as the leading local ones.


Need solid and credible data to attract and behold volume clients, Volume clients are likely to invest in their own DMP and keeping an attractive DSP service is key to the market.


Volume clients are moving towards owned DMP, which are often managed solutions. Our data suite is works well and is easy to ingrate in any DMP.

Agency Platforms

Need audience data to enhance and complement existing internet data. Trading desks use pixels and internet data, but do not have a solid consumer classification behind it to backed by real data analysis.

Advertisers Platforms

Advertisers are moving towards their owned DMP (managed solutions). Our data suite is perfect for working with advertisers’ DMP.


Our data can work with direct sales and programmatic platforms


Sell Side Partner program

Our data is unique by its full reach characteristic. Any publisher can therefore identify valuable audiences by using our data on their inventory. We work continuously on our distribution to global and local distributors.



Need solid and credible data to attract and keep publishers and volume clients,  who are likely to invest in their own DMP.


Larger websites and publishers are moving towards owned DMP. Our data can be combined with any publisher login data and is perfect for publishers with registered users.

Ad servers

A big competitive market with the a low bar solution that requires nothing but the ad server itself. Easy availability for any publisher in the world, without tech solutions.

Automated guaranteed

Enables advertisers and agencies to discover, negotiate and purchase premium publisher inventory through one unified user interface.

Publisher Platforms

Our data covers 100% of the population and can be used on a 1-1 level for analyzing data which all major publishers will have interest in as the programmatic market grows.

Data Exchange Partner program


We strive to have our data available to as many advertisers, agencies and publishers as possible.

We are currently working with some of the world’s best DMPs, the largest data market places and data exchanges.

Our clients can choose between a range of audience packages and a variety of business models.

Please use the “contact tab” below to reach out if you want our data on your platform, or have a request for our team.







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