Google platform Insight

This page holds updated information on access and availability of our audiences in Google DBM.

 How to find the audiences in DBM

Audiences in DBM are currently available through Semasio, who is a close partner in Europe;. In order to access all the NDR and Mosaic audiences you can enter through the Semasios account (detaljer..).

A search for NDR will also bring you the audiences. However, searching for “Nordic Data Resources” or “Mosaic” will not provide you any answers. We, and Google, are working on it though. Any update on that will appear on this page.

Use audiences available in DBM – throughout the funnel


Unique and valuable audience data

Power Reach

Power reach are designed for cross platform modern display and video marketing. The segments designed to provide brands and advertisers with massive reach within popular branding segments like automobile, retail and finance. Power Reach segments enable our clients to engage with just the right target group – even in massive branding campaigns.

Consumer Classification

Mosaic is Experian’s powerful cross-channel consumer classification designed to understand the demographics, lifestyles, preferences and behaviors of the adult population. The Nordic online Mosaic enables you to accurately and consistently engage with existing and new consumers wherever they are and enables clients to match existing CRM data or to target exactly the consumers relevant for their product.

Super Target

Super target identifies clusters of relevant users for a long series of specific products and services. Utilizing insights from offline data and state-of-the-art analytics we are able to provide target groups with strong preferences for most of our client’s products and services. We keep building our Super Target portfolio – please reach out to your local NDR analyst or sales representative if you have any special requests.

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