Scalable consumer data with full audience reach

Nordic Data Resources is a leading audience data provider in the Nordics, soon to be available in major European countries. We specialize in geo-targeting and household data to reach the entire population in the markets we serve. Our data provide a unique way of reaching out to any consumer in a safe and reliable way.

Real audiences

Well defined, valuable audiences made of ground data from many well known quality sources

Full Reach

A data set which provides full online reach across devices, channels and market places

Safe, reliable data

We provide safe and reliable data on the entire population – without privacy issues

Through the funnel

Audience data that performs throughout the Marketing Funnel


Of all Consumers
DATAPOINTS Per household 2016
HOUSEHOLDS Analyzed in 2016
DATAPOINTS Analyzed in 2016

Audiences through the funnel

Unlock hidden value with our audience data throughout the funnel to develop reach, target groups, leads, engagement and sales.

Funnel with NDR Audiences

Data audiences

We provide data in four categories; Power Reach, Consumer Classification, Super Target and Custom Audiences.


Power Reach

Our massive audiences are designed to ensure reach. They exclude the least relevant individuals and are very well suited for branding campaigns. Advertiser categoriesLife phasesSocio-demographic segments

Consumer Classification

Our Consumer Classification segments the full population into relevant audiences based on life phase, style and financial capacity. Consumer classification • Consumer ability • Life style segments • CRM

Super Target

Our Super Target segments uses sophisticated cluster mapping to identify the high reach interest audiences with optimized geo targeting.
Consumer interestFinancial ability • Purchase history

Custom Audience

Our Custom Audiences are designed to create unique audiences that target individuals with similar lifestyles and interests. CRM LinkConversions • Semantic Twin

High performance audience data

Unique and valuable audience data

Audience Targeting

Unique audiences by life phase, interest and buyer intention.

Full Reach

Unique and scalable data segmented by household.

Great Engagement

Qualified audiences that generate high involvement and impact.

Multiple Platforms

Data works on all platforms – including mobile, IOS and apps.

CRM Link

Uniquely links CRM customer data to online audiences.

100 % privacy protection

Unique audience model with no tracking of personal information.

Become audience data savvy

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